Sue Needham – Artist

Inspired by the oceans, the Australian landscape and bush land Sue Needham has an innate understanding of watercolour and mixed media in expressing herself. An inquisitive mind as well as her love of swimming, walking and sailing has given Sue the ability to live in her own skin.

This love of life and willingness to take the path less travelled has seen Sue realise her long-term dream and undertake watercolour lessons. The late James Fearnley, watercolour artist, taught her the basics.

From there, imagination, perseverance and innovation joined forces and Sue’s works took on a unique identity.

Painting from memory of places visited on travels and bushwalking, her work is more abstract than realism.

Art buyers worldwide treasure Sue’s paintings, from London, France and the US due in part to the ability of the Sunshine Coast to attract visitors from across the globe.

Sue has a willing to go places others don’t easily go to. Walk rather than drive, seeing the Australian landscape from a variety of aspects.

“Daydreaming while swimming surprises me” she says. “Often an idea springs to mind , or a solution to a stage of a painting emerges”.

Sometimes (and with a relaxed mind while swimming) an image may emerge to paint, yet at other times my swimming improves. A win-win.

Maturity has brought me a surprising compliment….people have said they like the way I think.” Perhaps that’s a by-by-product of all that swimming and thinking time.

Various aspects of life influenced her subjects. Sailing around the South Pacific and the Australian coast was the basis for her prize winning series named Stormy Seas. Moods of the oceans and anchorages are translated into semi abstract paintings.

The Golden Australia series was inspired by travels overland and above. Flying around Australia into the Kimberleys when iron ore mining was in its infancy was the basis for Colours of the Outback series.

Bushwalking and living amongst the forest in Buderim influenced the Forest series, whilst constant images of the ravages of bushfires created the Burn series.

Sue feels at home on the sea, has a responsible attitude melded with a eye for adventure and an ability to overcome adversity. This has given her the sense to be aware of the weather, the moods of the sea and the mystery that lies beneath. Yet there is a knowing of how to respond in critical times…..to handle wild weather, to avoid dangerous reefs.

Sue continues to paint expressive abstracts of the forest, outback and oceans

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